• Right of admission and service is reserved.
• Hawkeye Arrow Tag is the activity of arrow tag/combat archery/archery tag provided by Hawkeye Sports (Pty) Ltd (Hawkeye Sports).
• The 'participant' is referred to as anyone using Hawkeye Sports (Pty) Ltd equipment, and services during a session.
• A 'session' is the agreed on time that Hawkeye Sports will provide arrow tag activity to participants.
• All participants are to sign an indemnity form before participating in a session. Under 18’s require a legal guardian to sign the indemnity form.

• A quotation supplied by Hawkeye Sports, will require an acceptance.
• An invoice for a 50% deposit of the quotation will be delivered via email and must be settled to secure the booking.
• The balance can be paid on the day of the session prior to the beginning of activity, either by cash or credit card. Or EFT a day before the session.

• Please make cancellations on or before 6 days of the session.
• Cancellations made within 24hrs of the session shall forfeit the deposit. And the session date and timeslot will be void. 
• Cancellations by Hawkeye Sports due to dangerous weather (hail or lightening, not rain) shall be refunded, or rescheduled.
• Any session cancelled due to dangerous weather, before the halfway mark of the session shall be charged half the fee. Cancellations after the halfway mark will be charged the full fee.

• Adhere to the instruction of the referees at all times.
• Do not pull and release the bowstring without an arrow (dry firing a bow).
• Do not draw and point the bow and arrow at someone outside of the field or game play.
• Face masks to be worn at all times on the field.
• Report any damaged equipment immediately to the referee. Do not use it.
• Each player must sign a Hawkeye Indemnity form, under 18’s require a guardian signature.

• Any damaged equipment must be reported to the referee or staff member of Hawkeye Sports immediately.
• Malicious damage to property, vehicles or equipment belonging to Hawkeye Sports will be assessed, and the cost of damages charged to the participant/s responsible for the damage.


• Please forward all disputes or disagreements in writing to info@hawkeyearrowtag.com

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