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Hawkeye Arrow Tag & Hawkeye Sports (Pty) Ltd prioritises the safety of those participating and strives to maintain the safe standards of their equipment and the learning environment.

I understand and agree that I will not undertake to hold Hawkeye Sports (Pty) Ltd or Hawkeye Arrow Tag's management, directors or staff liable for, or make any claim against them for any and all damages, loss, injury, or expenses arising from any such ocurrence during an event or training session held at a school or any other Hawkeye Sports (Pty) Ltd or Hawkeye Arrow Tag event.​ Should my child for whatever reason, be in need of emergency medical treatment, I hereby consent to such treatment being administered, and I agree that I will be liable for any medical costs that may arise thereof.


I consent to Hawkeye Sports (Pty) Ltd or Hawkeye Arrow Tag to use photographs, video clips and sound bites of my child participating in the training session on their social media platform for marketing and promotional purposes. 


Fees are payable in advance before the start of the school term, and balances must be settled before a learner will be admitted into a session. 
Registration fees are payable on completion of the registration form. 

Termination of agreement must be submitted in writing ONE full calendar month prior to the start of the next term.

Payments made to:

(Learner name & surname as reference)

Hawkeye Sports (Ltd)
FNB: Bedford Gardens
BRANCH: 252155
ACC: 62791664587


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