Why Hawkeye?

Updated: May 22, 2019

Welcome to our first blog post. We hope you enjoy following. Some of the posts will be informative, entertaining or downright silly. But they will all have something to do with archery in its various forms. This isn't meant to be a blog only about 'arrow tag', but also the game's roots. We are toxophilites at heart.

From the World Archery Cup currently underway, to the revival of traditional archery; from bowyers to bone nocks, we'll try and trawl the depths of the archery world. And its a pretty deep sea.

So to the question 'Why Hawkeye?' Well, without lore, archery would be pretty drab. Stories add flavor, whether from fantasy or historical fact. And so yes, we have based our name on a pretty well known fictional heroic character. But not completely. Hawkeye speaks to the intense focus and pinpoint vision of the raptor when hunting prey. Which is pretty much a needed skill in archery. And we think its pretty darn cool too.

So go ahead, nock, draw and loose your comments.

Hawkeye Arrow Tag action at Huddle Park, JHB

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