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Top 5: Women Archers of Fiction

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Fiction has many strong female characters that are skilled with the bow. Here are five of our favorite female archers from popular entertainment that you'd want on your side (there will be spoilers).

1. PRINCESS MERIDA OF DUNBROCH 'BRAVE' Merida is a fiery and adventurous princess of Scottish royalty. She is a keen archer, one of the best in the kingdom in fact. Not to be pushed around by anybody, she uses her skill with bow and arrow to thwart an attempt by her parents to arrange a marriage for her. And much to the frustration of her ma and pa, she beats all suitors in an archery contest. Way to go lass!


Fans of George RR Martins fantasy novels and TV series know well the quote: "You know nothing Jon Snow", as uttered from lips of the fiery red head Ygritte. As one of the 'free folk' living north of the wall of ice, she is independent and proud, and more than a match for the bastard Jon Snow as he encounters her in the wilderness beyond the wall. They ultimately fall in love.

Ygritte, a skilled archer, uses her talent in the assault on Castle Black, dispatching many of Jons comrade 'watchers of the wall', and most notably shooting Jon in the rump as he tries to escape from her at a later stage. Do not diss this woman.

3. NEYTIRI 'AVATAR' Director James Cameron's 2009 Sci-fi film introduced audiences to fantastic 3D film effects. As well as the alien world of Pandora, which humans are looking to strip mine for resources. However the indigenous race, three meter tall humanoid species called the Na'vi are against the human intentions to destroy their beautiful home world.

Neytiri is a daughter of one of the Na'vi tribal kings, who develops a friendship with a human called Jake. Their relationship is tested however when conflict arises between the Na'vi and the technologically superior humans. Neytiri and the Na'vi use their large but primitive Direhorse bows, made of wood and glued scale skin to little effect.

4. SYLVANAS WINDRUNNER 'WORLD OF WARCRAFT' A character in the World of Warcraft gaming and lore, Sylvanas was a high elf and leader of the rangers of Silvermoon. However, during the defence of her homeland against an army of un-dead, Sylvanas was killed.

Arthas, the leader of the un-dead horde however brought her back to life and made her war chief with the title of Banshee Queen. As a leader of the horde, Sylvanas wields her bow death Whisper, striking fear in all who oppose her.

5. ABIGAIL WHISTLER ‘BLADE’ Abigail is a member of the Nightstalkers, an elite group of vampire hunters. After her father dies, she becomes the leader of the group and seek out Blade, himself a vampire hunter, to assist them to kill Dracula. Played in the film series by Jessica Biel, this huntress is a master of a folding compound bow which can also emit an ultraviolet arc to finish blood suckers off with ease. She often fights with a pair of ipod buds in her ears, no doubt pumping a killer playlist whilst dispatching vampires.

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