Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Get your war paint on. Gird your loins. Brace yourselves for impact! Hawkeye Arrow Tag along with Comic Con Africa and Kids Con, summon all devoted subculture fans to battle!

If you count yourself an honorable banner-man/woman of House Stark, or can spew profanities in Klingonese then it is time to show your metal in the Hawkeye Arrow Tag 'Raptor Cage'. Yes, StarWars fans; you can finally hand a well aimed laser blast in the form of a soft foam tipped arrow up the kazoo of one of those those pompous Trekkies... who also have a chance to show that brain beats brawn through superior tactics. As for you, LOTR cosplayers ... well okay you guys are just cool.


Yes we are a Kids Con exhibitor, but there will be no kidding around during this tournament. We invite those 12yrs and up to join with your horde/clan/band/squad... you get the idea... to REGISTER for a three on three tournament. It will happen on Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 September at Gallagher Estate, and is open to Con ticket holders only. But, that is not all, not only will you defend the honour of your fandom, but the winning team will receive a grand prize of R600! Space is limited to only 4 teams per day, so book soon! For the horde!

Details below:

  • The tournament takes place on Sat 21 Sept 1pm-2pm / Sun 22 Sept 1pm-2pm. At the Hawkeye Arrow Tag ‘Raptor Cage’ outside Hall 2.

  • Teams must register for either Sunday or Saturday. On or before September 6.

  • REGISTER by emailing your team name, players names, and your fandom to:

  • Registration is R100 per team.

  • The tournament is open to ComicCon & KidsCon ticket holders only, from ages 12 and up.

  • Teams must be 3 people of the same fandom. And identifiable by either costumes, markings or cosplay.

  • Point format: Win-2pts Draw-1pt Loss-0

  • On each of the two days, 4 teams will battle in a round robin format. Guaranteed 3 games will be played. Games are 3-minutes.

  • Slots are limited to the first teams to register and pay the registration fee. Once slots are filled, bookings are closed.

  • Winners will be announced straight after the tournament.

PLS NOTE: This is arrow tag, a safety face mask will be supplied, if you do not wish to wear it in favour of your cosplay we cannot be held accountable or liable for injury. The arrows are fast, delicate costumes may get damaged.

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