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A great introduction to archery

Our JuniorX extramural syllabus is an introduction to young learners, of the basic skills of modern recurve archery.

Lessons are focused, but also fun, and each learner will have a chance to put their skills to practice with regular games and challenges.

Not only does archery develop motor skills, scapular and core strength, it also is a fantastic platform to boost self esteem. A discipline where perseverance and focus are well rewarded.

What learners gain

A safe introduction to archery \ 

Our safe foam tipped arrows and equipment is an ideal way to discover the discipline.

Physical strengthening \

Archery activates scapular muscles and core stabilizers. Arrow tag games require constant movement.

Self esteem \

Archery builds perseverance, patience and focus. The achievement of shooting well boosts confidence.

Skills combination \

Motor skills are activated in archery. Learners gain communication and social skills in arrow tag games.

Once a week

A typical 45min lesson structure will have...

Warm-ups and stretches (5min)
Archery skill lesson (5min)
Practice (30min)
Warm downs (5min)

Arrow Tag games are played every 5 lessons

Welcome pack

On registration, each learner will receive a welcome pack filled with goodies to add to the excitement.

Topics include

Archery etiquette and safety / Stance and posture / Parts of the bow / Aiming techniques ... plus much more!

Our coaches

Each coach is fully trained in the Hawkeye Arrow Tag extramural syllabus and an active student of a registered SA National Archery Association club.

Fees & Payments

Annual or per term payment options available

4 term year (42 Weeks)

Once off annual registration



Per term

4 x R480


1 x R1920

3 term year (39 Weeks)

Once off annual registration


Per term

3 x R625


1 x R1875

Payment Terms & Conditions

Fees are payable in advance before the start of the school term, and balances must be settled before a learner will be admitted into a session. 
Registration fees are payable on completion of the registration form. 

Termination of agreement must be submitted in writing ONE full calendar month prior to the start of the next term.

Payments made to:

(Learner name & surname as reference)

Hawkeye Sports (Ltd)
FNB: Bedford Gardens
BRANCH: 252155
ACC: 62791664587


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