I want to play how does it work?

The game requires a minimum of 2 teams with 6 a side (12 players total). Once you have enough players, decide which date you would like and where you would like to play. If you have a large space (approx 10m x 25m) great, alternatively we can assist in sourcing a suitable venue in your proximity. Once that's done, we will require a deposit to secure your booking.

Who can play?

Anyone able to hold the bows to release the foam tipped arrows. All participants will be required to fill an indemnity form.

How many people can play?

Minimum 12 and maximum 24 players for a single session. 18 - 24 players are split into 3 teams.

What ages can play?

We recommend anyone from 10 years or older using our bows.  

Is it safe?

Yes. Safety is a priority. A safety briefing precedes any session. Our equipment is regularly checked for defects. Face masks are provided. Safety nets are set up to protect bystanders. 

Is it sore?

The arrow is a lot slower than a paintball making this an ideal game for all. Think of a fast tennis ball being thrown.

What do I wear?

Anything comfortable to run about. Why not make it fun and dress up?

What is the game play and a session like?

Arrow Tag is fast and fun. A session involves structured competitive games, and optional variations. For more on the rules and various game play options during a session please contact us.

What if I don’t have the space to play?

The nature of the game requires a reasonable space (approximately 25m x 10m). Sport fields, large gardens, church halls etc. can be used. Please gain permission first. We are actively negotiating preferential use on some grounds - watch this space!

What if the equipment breaks?

It must be reported immediately. Intentional and malicious damage to any part of the bow, arrows or any Hawkeye equipment could forfeit your refundable deposit. Please see T&Cs for more.

How do I book?

Please click on our booking page, or contact us on info@hawkeyearrowtag.com or call us on 067 386 1714. A deposit will be required to secure your booking. 

What about cancellations?

Deposits for cancellations made within 5 days of a confirmed booking are non refundable. Weather related cancellations can be rescheduled. 

What if it rains?

Play can continue. However under dangerous weather conditions, like lightening or hail, play must stop.  If the session has passed the halfway time and halted due to dangerous weather that session is forfeited without rescheduling. Half the fee will be refunded. 

Who keeps score?

A Hawkeye Arrow Tag referee will be on hand to score and brief on the various modes of play. The referee's decision is final. A full set of the rules is available on request.

What if I’ve never used a bow and arrow?

The action using a bow and arrow is surprisingly intuitive. Some advice and instruction will be given.

Is this archery?

Arrow Tag is a fun activity based on archery. We use bows and arrows and will provide some fundamentals in using the equipment. But do not expect a lesson on archery, there are archery schools and clubs to provide that.

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